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We are a leading real estate agency and we are known for providing exceptional services within the property market. With deep commitment we offer a wide variety of services that are tailored to meet the needs of sellers, buyers and investors. We know from experience that it can feel a bit insecure doing so in another country, with different regulations and laws from what you are used to. We work closely with skilled experts in all fields needed to make you feel safe.


Tell us what you are looking to accomplish in your new home. We know all new homes need more or less touching up, to get it to feel ”you”, right? Holiday home or your permanent home, it doesn’t matter, we have connections with skilled experts in all fields. We can also help with managing the renovation, this way we can together assure a great end result, at your budget.


The first contact with your home, for the potential buyer, is through the pictures at the broker. As we know that the first impression is very imortant we put a a lot of effort in capturing and enhancing the character and soul of your home in the pictures. We also offer home-styling if you wish.


With our high quality in-house maintenance service for your property we tailor make solutions to suit every clients specific needs. We offer everything from cleaning and grocery shopping to gardening and repairs. Please contact My Reiderstad for more information.


Whether it`s larger projects like layout solutions with furniture recommendations or smaller projects like curtains or a new flooring, we know some really creative, imaginative and professional people to help you get that final touch to your home.


We put a lot of effort in how and where we market the homes we are selling. We believe in communicating the home in an attractive way that makes us stand out and that helps us reach the right target group. We also cooperate with some of the other leading real estate offices on the island and we never underestimate the power of social media, to find or convey a home.